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Our self-made mixing wallet

What is it?

BitMix Wallet - is the first fully working and automixing wallet system self-made by our developers. It's easy to use and make you completely anonymous while using Bitcoins.

How to install

You should just download it and run, nothing more needed.

Why i should use your wallet?

It's conveniently. It's easy. It's simple. It's private. But if you are not disturbing about your anonimity - you can use wallet whatever you want. Our wallet make you payments completely private and not traceable to everyone.

Why i should use wallet instead of making orders?

Service fee decreased for wallet users by 50%. So, it means if our minimal fee at site is 0.4%, but wallet is 0.2%.

How it works?

Wallet program connects to our server for monitor your balance and transactions. All transactions and balance updates will done by our side, so you have no need to taking care about selecting nodes, downloading huge blockchain and etc - it's fully automated process at our side and don't need you to make some additional actions.

What logs are kept?

Absolutely no logs or personality identifying information are kept regarding your use of the Bitmix.Biz wallet service. All transaction logs are permanently removed after 24 hours.

How to move wallet?

It's easy. Download seed file by clicking the arrow right from your wallet balance. Then, when you will run our wallet on your another PC just select this seed file and it'll automatically connect to our servers.

How to use?

You should download our Application regarding to your OS. After first install it will create wallet for you and you will able to spend and receive coins anonymously.


If you stuck with transaction or some other problem appeared write us a letter using contacts at site bottom.

Feedback / Feature request

If you want us to make some feature for you you can contact us with clear explanation what exactly you want.